Washroom Hygiene

In our modern society, many health problems that used to be accepted as a normal hazard of everyday life until quite recently, are no longer tolerated as inevitable: blood poisoning from infected cuts, infection of the urinary tract, kidney infections, bronchial pneumonia, boils, pus infections etc. All of these can be traced to bacteria that are commonly found in the poorly maintained washroom environment.

Nowadays the public is much more aware of the dangers of infection and disease within the public washroom environment. The response to this must be tailor-made, cost effective products and services to suit different requirements.

One of the major reasons people live longer today is a change in public attitude to domestic hygiene. But the private individual cannot control the conditions in a public washroom as he can in his own bathroom. That is where ALBARIQ and CWS come together into the picture with the right solutions.

An industry leader and innovator, CWS from Switzerland, in association with ALBARIQ, provides the most effective and cost-efficient services known to the market.

Since 1998, ALBARIQ has offered unrivalled service and a comprehensive product line to enhance the washroom hygiene environment to offices, hotels and public services.

The complete washroom hygiene services offered by ALBARIQ include the CWS Auto-Retractable Towel, CWS Foam Soap, CWS AirControl Air Freshener System, as well as Tissue Papers and their Dispensers, Liquid Soap Dispensers, Ladycare Sanitary Bins, Washroom Vending Machines, Hand Dryers etc.